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How Recruitment Is Adapting To Social Media In Switzerland

Social media is global, but how each country adopts and adapts to it is different. In Switzerland, consumers and businesses have been slow to adopt social media with the same eagerness as the countries bordering this mountain nation.

Businesses still view social media, known as the social web, with some conservative skepticism. Many don’t think of it as a professional communication channel, despite millions using LinkedIn and XING. This should come as no surprise. Switzerland is not an early-adopter country.


Slow But Steady Social Media Implementation

When new practices enter neighbouring countries, such as Germany, the Swiss business community are masters at refining and improving processes and innovations.

This methodical, steady, more craftsmanship approach to work is ingrained in the culture. Much to the benefit of Switzerland, a country known for excellence in everything from watch making to finance.

Working with Swiss companies, we encounter this mindset at work when clients consider the benefits of integrating social media within recruitment campaigns. Marketing teams embrace the technology, but many still struggle with aspects of implementation and content generation. Given our experience, we believe these challenges will be overcome in time, with sufficient training and experimentation.


The Future of Work in Switzerland: The Next Five Years

Right now Switzerland is facing a talent shortage in certain sectors, including IT, finance and some public sector roles. Filling these vacancies will strengthen the country’s global competitiveness.

A lot of work has been done to reform employee-employer relations, which will help the country attract skilled foreign labour, both from Europe and further afield. The higher than average wages and standards of living should help with that of course too.

Switzerland consistently ranks highly on global quality of life indices. Other cities and countries that share those lists, such as Singapore or Vancouver, Canada, do more to advertise similar benefits. Switzerland could attract more talent, with an international branding campaign, as a way of staying competitive on a global stage, particularly in the IT and finance sectors.

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