It's all about people.

»People skills need to be developed«


When technological firms search for new executives, all too commonly managers will look no further than the personal and professional requirements the new employee has to fulfil. Often enough, however, not even those same managers know whether or how their set of requirements will actually fit the team or match the goals. The resulting interviews are doomed to fail, leaving both sides unsatisfied. But it is the managers’ responsibility to recruit the right employees, to be able to gauge their teams, and to employ their employees optimally according to their skills. A current report on managers from the employer review platform kununu reveals serious shortcomings in this respect, in that one in three employees in Germany are dissatisfied with their superiors. So it is about time to take a good honest look at the processes managers employ for recruiting and leadership, and to improve those processes. This is a crucial prerequisite for a company’s success and competitiveness!

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