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Recruitment And Social Media In Switzerland

Switzerland is small, but highly productive, with generations of experience punching above its weight in the global economy. Switzerland is known for craftsmanship, service, discretion; with many residents benefiting from higher than average wages and quality of life.

Social media has slowly made its way through the mountains into Switzerland, with adoption and usage statistics comparable to other German-speaking countries, known as the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

Whilst getting ready for the #hruZurich (un)-conference, on 10 September 2015, we have learned how businesses in Switzerland are using social media within recruitment and employee branding campaigns.

Social Media in Switzerland

With a population of 8.19 million, one might be forgiven for expecting social media saturation, not unlike other developed economies. Within Switzerland, however, social media use isn’t as prolific as the US, UK, Canada or developing economies, such as India or China.

Currently, there are around 5.5 million social media users, with at least 2.8 million primarily using mobile devices instead of desktop browsers. The most popular platforms are Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter (in that order), with image-based networks, such as Instagram and Pinterest more popular with tourists.


Professional Social Networks

Here again, Switzerland defies the usual expectations, with LinkedIn facing strong competition in this market, in the form of XING. Hugely popular in DACH countries, with 9.2 million German-speaking users, including – at last count – 600,000 in Switzerland. (We are awaiting new figures from XING, since that number was when the platform only had 7.6 million users in the DACH region).

At present, LinkedIn only has 6 million users in those countries, with no conclusive data as to how many are in Switzerland.

We can safely estimate that XING is more popular in the German-speaking regions of Switzerland now, with the platform boasting strong growth for premium and E-recruitment features in the last year. Our experience of recruitment campaigns for clients demonstrates that it is an important platform for click-through’s and conversions.


Social Media as a Recruitment Tool

So far, social media as a recruitment tool is more common amongst larger businesses (250+ employees), who have more resources and time to dedicate to these channels. Smaller organisations either don’t have the time or resources. There is also a lingering, perceived reluctance amongst older firms to invest in social media, for fear of potential accidental or malicious damage to reputations.

In most sectors change is happening slowly, with studies showing that 60% of businesses use at least one social media platform to promote job adverts. Online jobs boards are still the primary channel, whether a firm uses recruiters or undertakes the task themselves. Reducing social media to more of a publishing channel, rather than being used for engaging and sourcing candidates and talent prospects.

Although, perhaps thanks to forward thinking managers, some are now using tools, such as Candarine, to promote vacancies more extensively, with greater success than they would with traditional methods.

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